Chris Anctil

Territory Manager, Vancouver Island – On Paternity leave, returning Fall 2016

Chris joins the Indigo team with over 6 years of retail experience at Lifestyle Markets. Managing the grocery department of a fast-paced health food store gave Chris first hand experience in seeing ordinary people access the huge benefits of natural health food. This experience has grown into a passion for health food where continual learning is always part of the job.

Before finding the world of health food, Chris studied French literature at the University of Victoria and graduated with a BA in French Language and a minor in Applied Ethics. Soon after graduation, healthy living became a top priority in his own journey, and when he found himself captivated by what the health food industry had to offer, he took the plunge and hasn’t looked back since.

Currently Chris pursues healthy living in every area of his life, from food, to pleasure, to fitness. Sharing good food with good people is possibly his favourite part of his job. In his free time you will find Chris reading a book and drinking coffee if he isn’t off somewhere getting lost in the wilderness with his wife.