Owned and operated by Steve Ballantyne (Founder, CEO), Mike Roy (Brewmaster) & Mitchell Stern (Marketing/Brand Director), these guys are dedicated to making quality, handcrafted Cold Brew Coffee accessible to Canadians. Inspired after a trip to Brooklyn in 2013, Station was born in Toronto. “Station” represents the fuel needed in our everyday on-the-go lifestyles to push harder and be better.

Their signature cold brew coffee (available in the 375ml stubby bottle and a 500ml concentrate format) is a blend of Ethiopian and Brazilian beans mixed with a little bit of chicory root for a New Orleans’ style coffee. The process takes 18 hours and uses absolutely no heat. The reason? It results in a smooth, less acidic cold coffee that is both refreshing and energizing.

Station uses only direct-trade responsibly-sourced coffee to make their all-natural cold brew and focus meticulously on the brewing process. In 2015 they opened “Canada’s First Coffee Brewery” and use beer systems and technology in their production.

Station is kind of like a craft beer brand, but for coffee.


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